Technology-Based Security Systems
Modernizing Your Security System: Benefits and Stages of Migrations
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Modern video monitoring solutions play an important role in security and safety operations, providing smart tools for prevention and mitigation of potential security threats.

However, outdated security systems can be ineffective in addressing these threats. In this presentation, we will discuss the benefits of migrating to a new security system and the three stages of migration: audit, reuse, and upgrade.

Benefits of Migrating to a New Security System:

– Increased workplace productivity
– Decreased claims and liability
– Compliance with industry regulations
– Visual deterrent for trespassing, theft, and vandalism
– Remote monitoring from your computer or mobile device
– Improved operational efficiency throughout the facility
– Enhanced incident reporting and record-keeping
– Automatic equipment monitoring and alerts
– Asset management
– System automation
– Motion detection and event trigger
– Perimeter violation alerts

Stage 1: Audit

During this stage, we will classify existing hardware and software components based on set parameters such as operational status, model and year purchased, video quality, recording capacity, and interoperability. The activities for this stage include:

  1. Identifying all hardware and software components of the current security system

  2. Evaluating the condition and performance of each component

  3. Documenting the details of each component

  4. Analyzing the data collected to determine which components need to be upgraded or replaced

Stage 2: Reuse

During this stage, we will review security and monitoring parameters and transfer cameras to newly identified high-risk areas such as perimeter security, equipment monitoring, environmental and area monitoring, and employee behavior monitoring. The activities for this stage include:

  1. Identifying the areas in need of increased monitoring

  2. Assessing the suitability of the existing cameras for the identified areas

  3. Relocating the cameras to the identified areas

  4. Configuring the cameras to meet the specific needs of the area

Phase 3: UPGRADE

Modernize your command center security hardware and software infrastructure to accommodate Video, Voice & Data integrated solutions.

Video Management Platform: Replace defective servers and increase video data storage capacity up to 3 months:
  1. Upgrade antiquated command center monitoring components to accommodate HD and higher processing capability

  2. Introduce an interoperable, open-source video management solution increasing security efficiency through smart monitoring, asset management, and security integration

Smart Cameras: Update onsite security and monitoring capabilities with these modern CCTV specifications:
  1. A.I.-enabled cameras that deliver actionable results

  2. Explosion-Protected cameras certified for hazardous locations

  3. Fisheye Camera for cost-effective 360° coverage with zero blind spots

  4. PTZ Camera for wide area coverage, high-speed tracking, and long-range detail with up to 36x zoom for superior situational awareness

  5. Corner high impact cameras that can handle the harshest attempts to destroy, detach, attach to, or disable it

  6. Dual-sensor cameras that increase coverage, minimize blind spots, and offer Next-Generation Video Analytic capabilities

  7. Small modular cameras designed for areas with limited space or that require a discreet monitoring solution.

Modernizing your security system is essential for ensuring the safety and security of your facility. By migrating to a new security system, you can enjoy a range of benefits and ensure that your security system is up-to-date and effective in addressing potential threats. The three stages of migration - audit, reuse, and upgrade - are essential for ensuring a smooth and successful migration process.

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