PhilSecure's LTOPF Assistance

The start of being a responsible gun owner is securing your license to own and possess firearms. But before that, there are a few things to consider when picking out your own firearms – What brand? What model? What caliber? What accessories will you need? And last but not least, "How do I get a license to own and possess firearm (LTOPF)?"

Here is the step by step process:
1. Visit our shop and choose your preferred firearm.
2. Fill up our LTOPF application form.
3. Take the required tests: drug test and neuro-psychiatric examination.
4. Register for your National Police Clearance.

While waiting, we suggest you prepare all the necessary requirements for your LTOPF. Do not worry, our team will assist you in uploading all the necessary requirements for your LTOPF to your feo account.

What are the requirements for LTOPF? 
○ LTOPF Form (duly notarized)
○ National Police Clearance
○ Neuro-Psychiatric Examination
○ Drug test
○ Birth Certificate from PSA or valid passport
○ Proof of billing
○ Proof of income
○ Gun safety and responsible gun ownership seminar

Get your LTOPF with PhilSecure for only Php6,500.00 and get up to 10% off on selected models! 

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