Gear Review: Evolution of the Tactical Bandolier
Battle-Tested and Designed for the Philippine Scout Rangers
Tactical bandoliers have come a long way from their humble beginnings as basic pouches for carrying ammunition. 

Today, they are advanced load carriers designed to accommodate a wide range of gear and provide the user with maximum comfort and versatility. In this gear review, we will take a closer look at the Tactical Bandolier Set designed for, and battle-tested by the Philippine Scout Rangers.

History of Tactical Bandoliers

Bandoliers were initially used by soldiers in the 16th century to carry their ammunition. These early bandoliers were simply leather belts with loops to hold bullets. As firearms technology evolved, so did bandoliers. They became more advanced, incorporating various pouches for holding different types of gear, and were made from sturdier materials to withstand the rigors of combat.

What to consider in a Tactical Bandolier

When choosing a tactical bandolier, it's important to consider the quality of materials used, as well as the design and functionality of each component. Look for durable materials like 1000d Cordura and strong stitching with TKT30 thread. Additionally, choose a bandolier that can accommodate a variety of gear and supplies and has features that suit your specific needs and preferences.

Battle-tested by the Finest

When it comes to tactical gear, the Tactical Bandolier Set is a top-of-the-line load-carrying system that has been battle-tested and designed for the Philippine Scout Rangers. Made from top-quality materials, this set is built to last and provides ample space for your gear and supplies. In this gear review, we'll take a closer look at the components of the Tactical Bandolier Set and what makes it stand out from other load-carrying systems.

Tactical Bandolier Set Components

The Tactical Bandolier Set designed with the Philippine Scout Rangers in mind is a highly advanced load-carrying system that consists of the following components:

High Performance Tactical Vest

A Secure Jump Plate Carrier Platform for Your Gear

The Jump Plate Carrier is the backbone of the Tactical Bandolier Set, providing a secure platform for attaching pouches and accessories. Made from 1000d Cordura and 6-stitched with durable TKT30 thread, this carrier is designed to withstand the rigors of combat. It can also accommodate armor, offering front and back ballistic protection in any mission.

Double Mag Hard Pouch

Keep Your Magazines Safe & Secure

The Double Mag Hard Pouch is designed to keep your magazines safe and secure, reinforced with hardened substrates for stability rapid deployment of magazine. Modular in design, add as many as needed for any operation.

Detachable Med Kit

Organize Your Medical Supplies

The Detachable Med Kit is a must-have for any mission, with multiple compartments for organizing medical supplies. It can be attached to the Jump Plate Carrier and deployed independently, depending on you or your teammates' needs.

Utility Pouch

Versatile Storage For Your Gear

The Utility Pouch is another essential component of the Tactical Bandolier Set. It is made from 1000d Cordura and provides additional storage for gear and supplies. The utility pouch is a versatile piece of gear that can be customized to meet the specific needs of the ranger and the mission at hand.

Dump Pouch

Quick and Easy Access to Your Empty Magazines

Multipurpose foldable pouch ideally used for empty magazines or other items than need to be quickly stowed away. The opening is reinforced with hardened substrates for easy access.

Chest Pack

Additional Storage That Can Be Worn Independently

The Chest Pack provides additional storage for your gear and supplies, and can be worn as a standalone pack or attached to the Jump Plate Carrier. With its versatile design and durable materials, it is a must-have for any mission.

Map Case

Clear Window for All Weather Reading

The Map Case is a useful accessory for any mission, with a clear window for easy map reading. It can be attached to the Jump Plate Carrier or used independently, depending on your needs.

Assault Day Pack

Multiple Compartments for Organizing Your Gear

It features a detachable modular pack, padded shoulder straps for comfort, and a hydration carrier for staying hydrated during long missions. The pack also comes with a fast helmet carrier and side release buckles for quick and easy access to your gear.

In Conclusion

Tactical Bandolier Set is a versatile and durable load-carrying system that is designed for military and special forces use. With its top-quality materials and battle-tested design, it is a reliable choice for any mission. So whether you're on a mission or training, the Tactical Bandolier Set is a must-have for anyone in need of a load-carrying system that can keep up with the demands of combat.