Filipino population resides near the water, including coastal areas and riverbanks


 average of typhoons hitTing the PHILIPPINES annually, often resulting  in flooding


Average  no. of Drowning, near-drowning incidents in the philippines per year


maritime accidents occurs annually in the sea area of the Philippines
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Tri-Hull Design

Unmatched Stability & Performance

The Rapid Response Rescue Boat features an innovative tri-hull design, setting it apart from traditional boat designs. This unique hull configuration offers exceptional stability and performance, making it an ideal choice for demanding rescue operations.

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Unparalleled Stability

Our tri-hull design provides superior stability, allowing for enhanced balance and control even in rough waters. This stability minimizes the risk of capsizing, ensuring the safety of both the crew and those being rescued.

Enhanced Maneuverability

With three hulls, our rescue boat offers exceptional maneuverability, allowing for precise and agile navigation, even in tight spaces or congested areas. This enables quick response and access to individuals in need, ensuring swift and efficient rescue operations.

Increased Load Capacity: 

Rapid Response Rescue Boat's tri-hull configuration provides a larger deck space and increased load capacity compared to traditional hull designs. This allows for the transportation of more equipment, supplies, and personnel, making the boat highly versatile and adaptable to various rescue scenarios.

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Key Features

Advanced Rescue Boat Features for Superior Performance in Mission Critical Operations


Three-hull design provides exceptional stability, making it perfect for rough water conditions.


Hull design optimized for speed and precision handling, allowing for quick response times and easy maneuvering.


Made from high-quality fiberglass material that is tough and durable, built to last for many years of use.


Cost-effective option for regular patrols due to its fuel efficiency, helping to reduce operating costs.


Can be used for a variety of applications, including rescue, patrol, and transport, making it a versatile option for any water-based operation.


Tailored to to meet unique requirements of each user including including size, color, and equipment options

The Perfect Boat for Mission Critical Operations in your Area

Rapid Response Marine Rescue Boat design is ideal for various types of operations in diverse marine environments.

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Search & Rescue

RAPID RESPONSE MARINE RESCUE BOATS provide quick response times with high-speed performance and exceptional stability for safe operation in rough water. They are also customizable to meet the needs of different search and rescue missions.

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Law Enforcement

Our tri-hull fiberglass boats offer precision handling for effective patrols, durable construction for frequent use, and versatility for a range of law enforcement applications.

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Medical Emergencies

The tri-hull design provides a stable platform for safe patient transfer and care, a quick response time for time-critical medical emergencies, and customization to meet the needs of different medical services.

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Disaster Response

RAPID RESPONSE MARINE RESCUE BOATS are versatile for a range of disaster response scenarios, providing rapid response time to reach affected areas quickly, and a stable platform for transporting people and supplies in challenging conditions.

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Take action now and equip your team with the high performance Rapid Response Rescue Boat.

Contact us today for more information and secure your peace of mind in emergency situations.

Customize your Rapid Response Marine Rescue Boat

We offer a range of customization options to create a boat that is perfectly suited to your operational requirements.

Sizes Available
Available in 12, 14, and 16-foot lengths, but we can also create custom sizes to meet your specific needs.
Colors & Stickers
We offer a variety of color and branding options to make your boat stand out or blend in, depending on your preferences.
Equipment & Accessories
Add different equipment & accessory options, including lighting, communication systems, and safety features.
Trailer Option
We also offer high-quality transport trailers for easy transportation & deployment of your rapid response rescue boat.
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