FLOAT-RITE Marine Platform

Versatile, modular floating platform designed to provide a stable and secure surface for various water-based activities and applications. Used in marine environments, such as lakes, rivers, oceans, and reservoirs, and serve a wide range of purposes.

Platform Size: 6m x 3m | Platform Material: Fully welded, Galva-dipped, 6mm steel frame with expanded steel sheet | Walkway safety: 50mm x 50mm railing posts | Buoyancy: Four (4) Float-Rite Compartmentalized Fiberglass Pontoons with floatation foam | Mounting: Stainless steel bolts and lock nuts| Modular Design | Designed to withstand changing water levels and harsh marine environments.

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    Key Features

    Maximize Workspace

    A spacious 6m x 3m platform for on-water tasks and operations.

    Robust Construction

    Fully Welded Galva Dipped Steel Frame (6mm) with Expanded Steel Sheet for industrial-strength stability.

    Secure Operations

    50x50mm Railing Posts for secure working conditions.

    Performance Stability

    4 Float Rite Compartmentalized Fiberglass Pontoons filled with floatation foam offer stability & safety during work tasks

    Durable Mounting Points

    Stainless steel bolts & lock nuts for long-lasting utility in demanding environments.

    Multi-Purpose Use

    Designed for industrial applications, including maintenance, construction, equipment support, & more.


    Float-Rite Floating Platform delivers unparalleled stability, safety, and durability for water-based work. Its robust construction and unwavering commitment to quality set the gold standard for performance, ensuring peace of mind in demanding environments.

    Size 6m x 3m
    Material: Fully Welded Galva-Dipped Steel Frame Construction (6mm) fitted with Expanded Steel Sheet with 50x50mm Railing Posts
    Floatation: Four (4) pcs Float Rite Compartmentalized Fiberglass Pontoon with floatation foam
    Mounting Points: Stainless steel bolts and Lock Nuts
    Anchoring Options: Fixed jetty with anchoring posts or stainless Chain/Cable with Cement Anchors" 
    Optional items: Solar Powered Light & Post | Fresh Water Hose Attachments | Electrical Cabling | Fixed jetty with Anchoring Posts , Stainless Chain/Cable and Cement Anchors

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