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Rapid Response | TriHull Fiberglass Boat
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The tri-hull fiberglass boat is a versatile vessel made from high-quality fiberglass material, this boat is built to last and withstand harsh marine conditions. Its three-hull design provides exceptional stability, making it ideal for rescue, patrol, and transport applications. The boat's hull is designed for speed and maneuverability, allowing for quick response times and precise handling in tight spaces. Whether you need a reliable rescue boat or an efficient patrol vessel, the tri-hull fiberglass boat is a top choice.

* Outboard Motor is not included.
Yamaha 2 Stroke Outboard
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The two stroke outboards are lightweight and compact yet deliver high power output. The engine structure is relatively simple and maintenance is exceedingly easy. Although we have lineup of four strokes, we also offer an extensive two stroke lineup to meet diverse global needs.